Ring And Text-Tones Missing After iOS 8.1.1 Update, Well There’s A Fix

iPhone 6 sapphire glass 2

Have you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 8.1.1 only to find out that your ringtones and text tones went away and are gone missing? Well sadly, you aren’t the only one. This seems to be a common occurrence or an often problem around iOS update time. But, there is a remedy, and a few ways you can try to get them back, while preventing future ringtones and text tones from leaving without ever coming back again.
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Square Announces Adding Support For Apple Pay In 2015

Square Apple Pay Support

Recently a report has been done by CNN Money on Square, and why they announced that they are accepting support with Apple Pay. The report goes on to say “Square founder Jack Dorsey — who also famously launched Twitter told CNN that he wants to help businesses accept all forms of payments, and Apple Pay is no exception.” They also go on to say, “Apple Pay and Square have generally been viewed as competitors in the mobile payment space, but Dorsey doesn’t see it that way.”
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