Apple Rumored To Be Hiring Samsung Employees For A9 Processor


Based on the post from the, they claim that Apple has been recruiting electronic experts that used to work for Samsung Electronics.What Apple is doing with the Samsung engineers or if they even hired them is currently unknown. However, it is rumored that the new employees will be working and supplying Apple with the new iPhone 6s DRAM “A9″ processor chip.

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Will the Apple Watch Still Include All The Original Health Features?

Apple Watch

According to and the Official Apple Watch Website, nothing has changed between the announcement of the Apple watch and now. There were several reports (Including iPhone Informer) that stated that the Apple watch would have to drop several health features due to the fact they could not get their sensors to work the way they were supposed to, and as a result, decided to scrap majority of the health features that were supposed to be implemented into the watch.

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