Apple Rumored To Be Developing New iPhone Docking Station

Apple docking station

Thursday, one of Apple’s patent applications were published that reveals Apple’s interest in a docking station for their iPhone and iPad devices. This new docking station patent concept looks to be a box that you plug your iPhone or iPad into that would serve as a “Docking station with audio output” and would also support multiple accessories to incorporate a type of display, advanced gesture controls, wireless communications for transferring data and controlling Internet connected devices, touchpad control and even inductive charging.

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Apple Watch Has Strange Lightning Cable-like port on Case

Apple Watch

According to the report by TechCrunch, the Apple Watch has a strange port on the case that has not yet been talked about or noticed until now. So far, with almost every picture of the Apple Watch the main case appears to be smooth and portless, not counting the two buttons and knobs on the right side. However, there seems to also be a data connection cable port positioned inside the bottom groove that connects Apple’s aftermarket straps of the apple watch.

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