Fraction The App Upgrades to iOS 8

Fraction The App

It all starts with your images. Take your camera and make some unique photos. Once you have your image, the enhancing is in full effect, artist can now choose from a collage of inspired frames, shapes and patterns. Watch as your image is fragmented instantly into a myriad of prism-like glass pieces, thanks to a lightning-fast interface that works in real time. No lag time here, thank you.

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iOS 8 Conflicting With BlueTooth For Some Users

iOS-8 out

There has been a lot of people talking about this big problem with iOS 8 and the BlueTooth confliction. There has been some posts that have been telling about some peoples problems with BlueTooth and iOS 8 on, and this one seems to be a big problem, the issues also seems to appear to be fairly widespread as well. Within the last two weeks, users have complained of big glitches, which includes not being able to pair their devices at all, and random disconnects.

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Apple Releases Activation Lock Check For iPhone 6


With the new release of this new tool, which Apple wants to now make the process of checking for Activation Lock much easier, and at the same time preventing or stopping people from buying a device that may have been locked, do to or because it was lost, stolen, or because the last individual forgot to remove the device from their account.

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Xsser mRAT Haunts Jailbroken iPhones



Created by hackers, this malicious software named Xsser mRAT can extract a large amount or range of personal information, which includes: your iOS address book, call logs, SMS messages, GSM identities, your exact location which is determined by the cell tower ID, your pictures on your device, as well as your passwords and other important data. The data is located in the iOS key-chains used by your Apple ID, mail accounts and many other services.
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Modern Combat 5 Arrives For iPhone 6

Modern combat 5 iOS 8

Modern Combat 5: Blackout comes around in the news again, this time, it is for the all new two handsets, which are the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Bringing you into the action as the latest installment in the best FPS series, raises the bar for shooters once more. Now allowing you to create a squad, add your friends and test your individual and team skills against other squads, can now all be done on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

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iCloud Service Down And Back Up?

iCloud Down

Though it may have seemed like the iCloud had crashed in the recent past, but it seems that it is back up again due to some reports. If you’re having issues with some, or all, of your iCloud services in the past, hopefully it will work now, if not, you’re not alone. It appears that several of Apple’s iCloud services were down just a little earlier, which was for a number of users. You might even be able to find a list, or seen numerous complaints of it on many social-media sites, and Apple has updated its System Status page to reflect the outages, and it seems as if they have fixed the plaguing bug.

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This Foxconn Problem Could Hurt The iPhone 6


As Apple releases their newly two handsets across the whole world, a shortage of production sadly falls on Apple, as they try to meet them. Courtesy of DigiTimes, they had wrote “Strong demand for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is pushing Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) to start large-scale hiring at its plants in Shenzhen and Zhengzhou, China, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.” Which means that, a lot of people are waiting for their new handsets to be manufactured.
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iPhone 6 GPS Gets Major Boost Thanks to Waze


Driving with the app Waze open, you might not know it, but you are already contributing a lot of real-time traffic info to your local community. You can also actively report any accidents, police traps and other hazards you see on the road, while getting road alerts on your route. And find the lowest gas prices around you shared by many different locals and the community. Waze makes it easy to keep up with family, friends and contacts on the go.

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