Apple Accepts Vendors To Make iPhone Lightning Port Starting 2015

MFI iPhone 6

Apple, while in the midst of their MFi Summit that took place last week, over the course of three days in Shenzhen, China, told their ‘Made for iPhone’ (or better known as MFi) accessory makers that they will be relaxing the rules of the process. Makers will be allowed to make their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad accessories with Apple’s proprietary Lightning port beginning early 2015.

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Apple’s iPhones Infringing on Pager Technology?

iphone-6 in court

Apple Inc. was recently told to pay a Texas company $23.6 million after a jury found their iPhone, and other devices using SkyTel pager technology from the 90′s, and it is said without any permission. This is the second trial in which Cupertino, California-based Apple was accused of using pager technology without paying for it. They won the first case, involving a different company, last month in California.

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Eddy Cue And Host Rich DeMuro go on a Apple Pay Demonstration


The two, which was ‘Apple executive’ Eddy Cue and Rich DeMuro of KTLA 5, went on a Apple pay demonstration, and explained some of the payment features. As the video goes on, they talk about some of Apple pay’s abilities, which sports some unique things about it. They also went on about how secure the new mobile payment service is, due to the fact that it uses Touch ID for authentication, and token-based transactions which simply hide credit card details.
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Could Sony’s New 21MP Camera, 4K Video be in Future iPhones?


iphone_6_iphone_6_plus On November 18th, Sony announced a new ‘advanced image sensor’, this was designed and made for new handsets and smartphones, which uses a new stacked like design, so that it cuts down on the size while delivering improved image quality and quicker speeds. Apple uses Sony sensors in their iPhones and iPads, so it might be likely that Sony’s new ‘stacked’ sensor technology will make a leap into future iOS devices at some point.
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