Here’s How to Fix 8 Problems With iOS 8.1.2

iOS 8

Apple has sent out one big software update, and several minor ones since they first released iOS 8 to the public this past September. The newest version of Apple’s mobile platform, iOS 8.1.2, is much more smoother and stable than Apple’s early iOS 8 releases. Which brings us to some tips on the new operating system that you might not know about, or might want to fix. Read more

New Year Sale: iOS Apps Price Get Cut

iPhone 6 'Killing' iPad

We have seen a massive selection of iOS apps and games go on sale over the past week for the holidays, but some more apps got a price cut for the upcoming New Year. Now that Apple has locked price changes on the App Store until December 29th, many popular apps are now up for grabs, or cut down to $3.00 or $0.99.

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Apple Japan 2015 ‘Lucky Bag’ Promotion Could Contain iPhone 6


Apple Japan Offers Lucky bag promotion January 2ndLast year, During the New Year in Japan, Apple’s Lucky Bags sold for 36,000 yen, or $345, and usually contained items like iPods, headphones and t-shirts. Consumers of the Lucky Bags have no clue what’s inside the bag. Well, this year, they’re doing it again, and many retailers often offer a Fukubukuro, also known as a “lucky bag”, which is a grab bag filled with an assortment of products, which might even contain Apple’s new iPhone 6 handset. Read more