Microsoft Updates Powerpoint For iPhone 6


Powerpoint-logoMicrosoft’s PowerPoint app has now gotten an update for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Now PowerPoint looks even better on your tablet and phone. When editing or creating presentations, you can be confident that they will look exactly how you want across PC, Mac, tablet and your iPhone. PowerPoint has the familiar Office look and feel along with an intuitive touch experience, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

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Reeder 2 Arrives With New Support For iPhone 6


That is correct, the popular RSS feed reader ‘Reeder 2′ has recently received an all new update for the iPhone, bringing the iOS client app to version 2.6. Now fully compatible for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, brings new support for landscape mode (iOS 8 only), so everything will look perfect on your new handset. Featuring more to the standard share sheet in Reeder’s share panel gives users more options with Reeder 2.

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Stay Connected With ‘YIK YAK’ on For iPhone 6


This app Yik Yak acts like a local bulletin board for your area, by simply showing the most recent posts from other users around you. It allows anyone to connect and share information with others, without having to know them like: news, funny experiences, shout outs, and jokes. Which can be spread out faster than ever through Yik Yak’s tight-knit community.

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‘Whoa Dave’ Brings Classic Arcade Style Gaming to iPhone 6

Whoa Dave game app

One of the most critically-acclaimed, retro-styled, arcade neo-classic game is here for iOS devices. In this game ‘Whoa Dave’ you will have to help the only hero, Dave Lonuts, survive an insane alien invasion, and fill his pockets with shiny pennies. Hurl alien eggs, skull bombs and explosive WOAH blocks to stay alive, and sky rocket yourself to high score fame and fortune.

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Pin What You Like With Pinterest on iPhone 6


If you have been wondering if something had changed recently with Pinterest, well, you are correct. Stepping up to version 4.0, Pinterest users can now see full screen resolution with their iPhone 6 clearly now. Since the app can fit the screen now, you can enjoy all of your activities as you did once before, but now “de-cluttered”.

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Race For Real in EA’s ‘Real Racing 3′ For The iPhone 6

Real_Racing_3 123 Real Racing 3 features an ever expanding roster of real licensed tracks, a 22-car grid, and over 90 detailed cars from car-manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, and Audi. Adding Real-Time Multi-player, Social Leader-boards, Time Trials, Ghost Challenges, and innovative Time Shifted Multi-player technology, allows you to race anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Logitech Unleashes Car Mount For iPhone 6

Logitech-case iPhone 6 [+] case

Logitech has unleashed some pretty good iPhone 5 cases, and it seems as if they haven’t stopped either. They have unveiled the new Protection[+] case for the iPhone 6, which can simply mount on your car’s dashboard with no added complications. Not only can this case protect your iPhone, but it also adds a modern like look to the handset, while doubling over as a protective car mount for your phone.

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