Here’s Why Apple is The World’s Most Valuable Brand

apple-logo-png-transparent To be included on this list which is Interbrand’s ‘Best Global Brands’, a brand must truly be global, being successful in ascending beyond geographic and across cultural boundaries. This brand will have to expanded across the any established economic centers of the world. Well, for the second year in a row, Apple has done all and above, and tops Interbrand’s Best Global Brands ranking, which is an annual report that analyzes and puts Intel together, so that the brand value of the largest corporations in the world can be compared to others.

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AutoDesk’s SketchBook Targets iPhone 6 Users

Sketchbook app

Autodesk brings iPhone users SketchBook. This app comes with a professional-grade painting and drawing application, which is designed for all sorts of iOS devices. Still keeping their same paint system or engine as their powerful desktop counterparts, SketchBook brings to us a variety of virtual utensils, which consists of: fluid pencils, markers and sophisticated brushes, done in a simple and easy-to-use interface. This app allows for you to capture everything from your smallest drawings, to one of your brightest piece of work, all in one place.

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Could Apple, GT Advanced Fall Out Over iPhone 6 Display?


iPhone 6 sapphire glass 2

GT Advanced had made their surprise announcement, which was on Monday, that they would be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and the company has had their very first hearing in court which was on October 9th. Some people had expected the proceeding to offer a better explanation as to of what had happened? But GT was given or granted a privacy motion which had them concealed, or better put, that their hearing was closed and all documents sealed.

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Here’s The Best Way to Use PDFs on iPhone 6

PDF Expert 5


PDF Expert 5.2 features an all new Zoom Writing and it is iOS 8 exclusives. PDF Expert 5 is a great PDF annotation and editing app. If you have expected what it does, well you are pretty much right, anything dealing with PDF functions can be done easily straight from your iPhone 6. The new Zoom Writing feature allows you to write with precision and make clear notes, with already existing PDFs, or create all new ones simply from this easy to use app.

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Grovemade Gives The iPhone 6 a Rustic New Look

Grovemade iPhone 6 case 2

Grovemade has made some new cases and bumpers for the all new iPhone. Recently introduced, these are a new collection of cases for Apple’s iPhone 6. After 5 years of the company continuous product improvements and innovations, they have crafted some new and unique cases, which were a reflect of Grovemade’s design ingenuity, and their precise eyes to detail. The expanded product line includes an iPhone case with a leather cover, a 2-part iPhone case consisting of a wood back plate and frame, and the companies’ first bumper case made entirely from materials like Eastern Hardrock Maple wood. Read more

iCab Now Brings New Features To The iPhone 6

iCab app

iCab Mobile which might be familiar to you, which is by a German developer known as Alexander Clauss, which can be used as an alternative browser for the iPhone and iPad. On October 6th, Clauss made a substantial update for the app, which brings out some new support for Apple’s all new iOS 8 software, and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Now sporting support for the Retina HD display sizes, along with several improvements such as search suggestions, along with the new Bluetooth keyboard features, and the ability to use 1Password as external password manager and much more.

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Cycloramic Allows For 360-Degree iPhone 6 Videos

cycloramic_app iPhone 6

Cycloramic which was created by Egos Ventures has done it again, this time, instead of the previous models of the iPhone 5 and 5S, the new app now works for the all new iPhone 6 (sadly, not for the larger iPhone 6 Plus). The vibration pattern in the device is strong enough to spin the iPhone 6 while it lays down in landscape-style, while it is in its charger (which comes included). This allows for a hands-free 360-degree shot for the new phone’s video camera.

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Google’s New App Changes How You Interact With iPhone 6

Google News & Weather app

Google has started or has begun their release of their latest iOS app, which is called ‘Google News & Weather’. This all happened on Tuesday afternoon, which was in the App Store. The new app News & Weather will provide headlines and articles, which is from 65,000 publications. Giving the user the ability to customize and organizes them by categories, which includes: Top Stories, Technology, Science, and others. The main ideal of this layout was to inform, and give you the customization by country and personal preference, with the option to tap on a headline for articles, opinion stories, and info like local scenes.

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Apple Withholding $139 Million From GT Advanced?


The Wall Street Journal has reported recently on Apple, that they had withheld their final payment of $139 million, that they were due to give or make to GT Advanced, which was somewhat ahead of their decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. There aren’t many sources that tell or that are known why Apple withheld the money, but it’s been speculated GT was not able to meet sapphire yield requirements, which were outlined in their side of the deal.

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