Apple Earns Record 51B Revenue On Sales Of 48M iPhones

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Apple reported a record quarter on Tuesday, earning $51.5 billion in revenue and $11.1 billion in net profit on sales of 48 million iPhones. Overall revenue was up by 22% year-over-year, compared to $42.1 billion in revenue and 8.5 billion net profit during the same period last year. The company also received a boost from records sales of 5.7 millions Mac units. Read more

The U.S. Government Renews Jailbreak Exemption, Adds iPad And More

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 In recent jailbreak news, the U.S. Library of Congress on Tuesday issued a set of exemptions to the provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The provision makes circumvent restrictions put in place by the maker or manufacturers, but every three years, the Copyright Office has the power to grant exemptions to products and other practices. Read more