ForceGoodFit, a New Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone 6

jailbreak-ios-8 Now that iPhone users can jailbreak their devices, they can get new tweaks for their jailbroken devices. This means that, all the things that you might not like, you can simply change with a simple cool jailbreak tweak. And this new tweak that had rolled around is called ‘ForceGoodFit’. ForceGoodFit makes any ‘Un-Fit’ app adjust to your brand new handset, without having to wait for a new update for that specific app.

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Want to Jailbreak Your iOS 8 Device With Eight Easy Steps?


That is right, a 1.1 update version of Pangu’s Jailbreak is here for Windows. This version, is said to be complete with a bundle of Cydia installation and English text. This all new jailbreak not only works for the iPhone 6 but the iPhone 6 Plus. There are also a few differences in some of the screens that you’ll encounter during the jailbreak process, but don’t worry, there are some steps to guide you along the way.

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Tech21 Offers Their Impactology Case to The iPhone 6


Tech21 Classic Check case 3

As ‘Impactologists’ the company promises to deliver the most advanced impact protection for the technology you love. From their lab, the technicians to designers and engineers, everyone at Tech21 strives to ensure that ‘Impactology’ delivers the most advanced impact protection possible. And with this case series the’Classic Check’, it brings both protection and style to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but the company’s ‘Impactology’.

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Add More to Your Pictures on The iPhone With ‘Over’

'Over' The App

This app ‘Over’ was specifically made to add text and other types of artwork in to your photos. Designed with mobile creatives in mind, the app ‘Over’ features standard and custom-made fonts, and well-crafted artwork combined with a sleek design, making it easy-to-use, while performing a list of functional abilities, and immediate sharing options.

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Ion Case Brings a New ‘Element’ to The iPhone 6



Element Case 'Ion Case' 3

The company Element Case presents their case the ‘ION’ for the Iphone 6. The original manufacturer of ultra-premium smart phone and tablet accessories, unleashes their new ION case for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. This rugged everyday case provides access to Element Case’s legendary design, materials and protection at an affordable price.

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