Apple Pay Adds Support For Two New Banks

Apple Pay iPhone 6

As more banks jump on board with Apple Pay, a pocket of other banks do the same. Well, on Wednesday, Apple Pay now added support for two more banks. As Apple continues to slowly release support for the more than 500 US banks they said would support the new payments services. These two new banks include Fremont Bank, and the National Institutes of Health Federal Credit Union. Read more

Apple to Build New Massive R&D Center in Japan

apple-logoWith existing Apple research and development centers in Israel, Taiwan and Shanghai, the company is now looking to build another facility in Japan, which Reuters reported on Tuesday. The “cutting-edge” R&D center was confirmed by Japan’s Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, which a company spokesman later confirmed, saying that the plan calls for several dozen jobs to be created as a result.

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Apple Hires Digital Audio Expertise Dana Massie From Audience

Dana Massie SoC Audio at Apple Apple is continuing their search and expedition for digital audio expertise, especially intuitive members, like their recent addition of digital signal processing (DSP) expert Dana Massie to their team as an SoC Audio Architect. Massie has over 30 years of extensive experience working with DSP hardware and software architecture, adding on to that; with high-profile companies such as Audience and Waves, as well as Apple and NeXT.

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Here’s How Apple is Changing iCloud For iPhone Users

Apple Forces Transmit to Remove Send to iCloud Drive Feature

A file management app from Panic named Transmit, landed on iOS with the launch of iOS 8, adding different types of useful capabilities that brought out more iOS features. This includes the ‘Extensibility’ options that lets any app upload many different files to a server using Transmit, and a “Send” feature that allows files to be shared to multiple services like Dropbox and iCloud Drive. Read more

Amzer Unleashes Their New Silicon Skin Jelly Case

Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case 2

The Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case is made out of 100% premium silicone and is a great, lightweight option for protecting your iPhone 6. The durable silicone absorbs any shock your iPhone 6 may receive from any accidental incidents, keeping it safe. The smooth silicone gives you a sure and lasting grip on your iPhone 6 and minimizes slides on flat surfaces. Read more

Apple’s Former Global Supply Manager In Deep Trouble?

Paul Devine GOMaA

Some news and reports had surfaced up about a former Apple Global Supply Manager. Sources say Paul Devine was sentenced in a federal court earlier this week nearly 3 years after being convicted of wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering in having relation to selling Apple iPhone, and component secrets to Apple’s suppliers.  Read more