Beat Da Beat Mobile gaming coming to iOS

Beat Da Beat 2

Beat Da Beat is a new mobile game developed by Nekki, the same makers of the popular parkour game- Vector. In Beat Da Beat you play as a futuristic space pilot that must rescue his girlfriend from evil space invaders, but with a twist. This isn’t your average space-shooter, it is a dubstep music, rhythm style, bullet hell space shooter.

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New Report Claims Apple To Put Their Maps Onto The Web

Apple Maps GasBuddy & GreatSchools 2

According to a new Apple job listing, Apple is about to make their mapping service available to everyone through a cross-platform web application. The full-time position seeks a web engineer with JavaScript expertise “to help make maps work seamlessly on the web.”

Currently, Apple Maps are accessible on the desktop via Mac, on mobile iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices and through your wrist through Maps for Apple Watch. Read more