Apple Reportedly To Get Drake And More For iTunes Radio Guest DJ Spot

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Music industry sources recently told The New York Post that Apple is negotiating a $19 million deal to have Drake serve as a guest DJ for iTunes Radio.

In addition, the rapper may also assume other roles as part of the agreement, but it was not immediately clear what those extra task and duties would entail. Read more

Incipio Unleashes Their OffGRID SHINE Case For iPhone 6

OFFGRID SHINE iPhone 6 case by Incipio

Power up on-the-go with the Incipio offGRID SHINE iPhone 6 Battery Case. The sturdy, co-molded design delivers double the defense with a hard shell body and integrated impact resistant TPE bumper. Equipped with end-to-end protection and 3000mAh of additional power, the offGRID SHINE Backup Battery Case is the perfect companion for all of your daily tasks. Read more

Rumors Claim Apple To Up Scale Taptic Engine For Next iPhone And iPad

iphone-6-different color

Apple’s Taptic Engine is basically a branded version of haptic user interface technology designed to bridge the digital-physical divide.

Upon using vibratory motors, in Apple’s case the bespoke linear actuator, devices like Apple Watch are capable of reproducing analogs of physical touch and motion sensations or new and distinct tactile experiences. Aural cues from onboard speakers complete the system. Read more