Flow Studio Brings Announces Iconic


Iconic is brought to us by Flow Studio. In this game, you will be challenged to translate icons into words. While you will be tested with your knowledge of visual language and pop culture, all while cracking visual codes and combining clues with your clever mind. All of this takes place in this very unique, yet simple game.  Read more

New Photos of The iPhone 6 Battery

iPhone 6 battery

We have already seen many alleged battery types like the 1,810mAh, 2,100mAh, and 2,915mAh batteries, bound to come for Apple’s upcoming handsets, and now the new strongest 2,915mAh model has been shown off on a set of new photos, which have been posted on Tuesday’s morning, by the French publication NowhereElse.fr. Read more

New Cases Being Made For iPhone 6 by Bodyguardz

iPhone 6 case 123

The new iPhone 6 has another case maker sending out a case for the upcoming iPhone 6, which is from  Bodyguardz. Although there are only rumors circulating about the development of the iPhone 6, it’s only a matter of time before Apple shows their production September 9th. That’s why BodyGuardz were prepared to design various of iPhone 6 cases, that will fit the phone, and meet the demand.  Read more

eBay App Gets New Features For iPhone


eBay gets a new update to their app, which now allows users to do even more. And as the eBay app on your iPhone gets even more convenient — allowing you to manage all of your eBay buying, and selling activity on the go — no matter where you are, you can find everything you are looking for, and everything you never knew you wanted,  easier. Read more

Cruzerlite Has iPhone 6 Cases For Pre-Order


As the ever approaching release date of the iPhone 6 comes closer, other companies have started their pre-orders of their cases, like Cruzerlite’s Flame case. These cases are said to protect the iPhone 6, with specially made ‘thermoplastic polyurethane’ (or TPU). This case was made to be slim-fitting, and can also provide great protection from day to day use from scratches, falls, and dents.
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