iOS 8 Adoption Rate Reaches 79 Percent

iOS 8 reaches 79 percent Recently, new information surfaced about various versions of Apple’s iOS 8 mobile operating system, and how 79% of devices are now running on iOS 8. This is measured by the App Store on April 13th, 2015.

The newest statistics surfaced on Tuesday from the App Store Distribution webpage publicly available on Apple’s portal for developers. Read more

How iOS 8.3 Blocked Desktop File Manager Apps

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There are many iphone users that are angry with the iOS 8.3 update, saying that it ruined their freedom for controlling data for installed apps and games because it blocks desktop file managers such as ifunbox and iExplorer.
9to5mac quotes a user from a facebook post saying-

“iOS 8.3 ruined our freedom of controlling data in our installed Apps and Games,” writes iFunBox in a Facebook post. “Apple blocked access of the entire sandbox directory of every installed App since iOS 8.3. Previously only writing is block in executable directory. Now we totally lost the control of Apps on our own devices. We are investigating the situation. Before there is a solution, iFunbox will fail to open data directory of any App if the device is not jailbroken.”

The file managing team behind iExplorer has also noticed problems and says that they are looking into the issues regarding iOS 8.3, saying-

“We are currently investigating how the iOS 8.3 update blocked access to the Apps directory, and we are looking into ways around it. All iDevice transfer utilities seem to be experiencing this exact same blocked access in iOS 8.3, so it’s not just a bug with iExplorer or iBrowse. Apple has definitely changed something with the way apps can be accessed in iOS.”

iFunBox has released an update to try to work around the issues of iOS 8.3 to allow iTunes file sharing to be enabled and browsed, however it seems this update only works for users that jailbreak their devices, and there doesn’t seem to be a fix for non-jailbreakers as of yet, so if you have a standard stock iPhone you will have to wait for a proper fix to use file managing apps again.


Source- 9to5mac

How Developers love Apple’s Swift Programing Language

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A new Stack overflow survey was recently conducted that shows that developers prefer the Swift programming language. The survey by Stack Overflow asked developers which programming language they preferred to work with, and the most loved was Apple’s Swift language, coming in with an amazing 77.6 percent rating, while C++11 came in second with a vote of 75.6 percent.

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New Report Claimes Apple Watch Deliveries May Arrive Sooner

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Good news on Monday surfaced, a new report noted that those hoping their Apple Watch will arrive before their estimated ship dates might just happen.

MacRumors reports that a reader, who emailed Tim Cook over the weekend regarding the lengthy lead times for the Apple Watch, received a response from the executive team saying that pre-orders will most likely ship sooner than expected. Read more