Cycloramic Allows For 360-Degree iPhone 6 Videos

cycloramic_app iPhone 6

Cycloramic which was created by Egos Ventures has done it again, this time, instead of the previous models of the iPhone 5 and 5S, the new app now works for the all new iPhone 6 (sadly, not for the larger iPhone 6 Plus). The vibration pattern in the device is strong enough to spin the iPhone 6 while it lays down in landscape-style, while it is in its charger (which comes included). This allows for a hands-free 360-degree shot for the new phone’s video camera.

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Google’s New App Changes How You Interact With iPhone 6

Google News & Weather app

Google has started or has begun their release of their latest iOS app, which is called ‘Google News & Weather’. This all happened on Tuesday afternoon, which was in the App Store. The new app News & Weather will provide headlines and articles, which is from 65,000 publications. Giving the user the ability to customize and organizes them by categories, which includes: Top Stories, Technology, Science, and others. The main ideal of this layout was to inform, and give you the customization by country and personal preference, with the option to tap on a headline for articles, opinion stories, and info like local scenes.

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Apple Withholding $139 Million From GT Advanced?


The Wall Street Journal has reported recently on Apple, that they had withheld their final payment of $139 million, that they were due to give or make to GT Advanced, which was somewhat ahead of their decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. There aren’t many sources that tell or that are known why Apple withheld the money, but it’s been speculated GT was not able to meet sapphire yield requirements, which were outlined in their side of the deal.

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iPhone 6 Can Remotely Control Cars

Moto TC

Griffin has announced a new toy where no additional hardware is required beyond just your iPhone and the Bluetooth 4.0 controlled race car. The MOTO TC is not only iPhone controlled, but also utilizes a very unique and special virtual damage control, weapon systems, and can even monitor your lap times. It is almost like playing a racing game, but with actual hardware.

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Google Updates Gmail To Support iOS 8


The Internet titan or better known as Google, has gotten around to updating their Gmail application for iOS with native display support for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As a result, new owners of these devices can finally enjoy themselves with sharp and vivid typography, and user interface, while taking full advantage of the bigger screens to see more of their emails and inbox messages without having to scroll. Read more

GT Advanced To File Bankruptcy?

LED Sapphire Products

GT Advanced Technologies Inc. or Nasdaq:GTAT, has announced on October 6th, that they had, together with a certain number of their direct and indirect subsidiaries, commenced voluntary cases of bankruptcy, which was under chapter 11 of a bankruptcy code in the United States bankruptcy court, for the district of New Hampshire. Filing for Chapter 11 means the company will be able to continue their normal operations and work, only until they can resolve their issues with creditors.  Read more

iPhone 6 Owners Can Rival Blackberry Devices With This App


This new swipe-based keyboard is called TouchPal, and it is made so that you can drag your finger across the screen to create words with much ease. This technology can work smoothly. And this keyboard also features an auto-correct, which can pretty much correct your word errors, while also sporting the predictive typing, so that typing can be much quicker.

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iPhone 6’s Style Gets Elevated By MarBlue

MarBlue iPhone 6 case

This new case for the iPhone 6 is a combination of malleable TPU, and tough poly-carbonate design, which makes this case a durable and yet protective case, with a stylish pattern design. The protective case ensures that the screen is protected if the iPhone 6 is placed face down, and it even comes with button covers too. The rubber details in the design also adds to the grip, while coming in a combination of colors that you can pick up. MarBlue is also coming out with a range of accessories planned to compliment the Elite case, and extend your options.

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