Three Great Unique Cases For Your iPhone 6s And 6 Plus

Three unique cases for iPhone 6 plus and 6s

A case says a lot about style, character and protection. It represents the personality and individual state of a user, letting others know their taste and preference. Because cases reflect such a personal part of us, through color, shape, size and pattern, we decided to highlight some of those unique and overlooked cases. Here’s our top three unique iPhone 6s and 6 Plus cases. Read more

Quell & Co Offer New Spool Dock Charging Station For iOS Devices

Spool Dock Charging Station

If you’re looking for a charging dock for your iPhone that has a cozy unique yet classy look to it, Quell & Co. has created just that with the Spool Dock. The Spool Dock is beautifully made from North American white oak, merino wool and a heavy solid metal base to make your docking station look and feel more like a home decor rather than an electronic accessory. Read more