iPhone 6 Major Camera Issue Uncovered

iPhone 5S Sapphire

A lot of mobile phone users are deeply excited about the iPhone 6 and what Apple has in store. Of course, not all the news is going to be good concerning the new device, as some new rumors appear to indicate that the iPhone 6 may not have the end-all, be-all camera some people originally thought.
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iPhone Brand Turns 7 Years Old

Photo by Peter Belanger

Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone

The iPhone brand has become ubiquitous the world around; it’s known for its sharp shine and stellar performance; it’s known for its pricey offerings and top-end prestige. But seven years ago before this very moment,  the iPhone didn’t exist. But just a little after that time, it revolutionized the industry.

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iPhone 6 Frame Surfaces?

iPhone 6 Frame

New photos of what’s claimed to be an iPhone 6 frame has made its way around the interwebs, with a lot of people putting up dubious remarks and plenty of skepticism over the authenticity of the photos.

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