You’ll be Surprised at How Cheap This Awesome iPhone 6 Case is

Ion Predator Case 1 Ion brings us their case for the all new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the ‘Predator’. This case was made very strong in certain applications, and it is also ultra lightweight. Coming in a modern, high-tech look and durable material makes this case even more protective. This case is also available in a luxurious gold and silver finish, with an accent sheet of real carbon fiber on the back. The ‘Predator’ case is also ultra-slim bringing reliable protection, without adding any type of bulk or weight.

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Swarm Makes iPhone 6 Notifications Much Easier

Swarm for iOS 8 This update for this app Swarm includes a few bug fixes, and performance speed upgrade. The Swarm widget in the 1.3 update also gives you the ability to do an at-a-glance view, of a few of your buddies who are especially close or near by, helping you get a sense of who is around. To enable the widget, simply swipe down on the Lock or Home screen, to simply bring up the Notification Center, now you can check in with a single tap.

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Readability Makes iOS 8 News Even Easier to Read


After enabling the very useful extension by simply tapping the ‘Share’ sheet, which is in any app and choosing ‘More’ on the middle row. You’ will be able to send different or various excerpts of content to Readability with simple ease, in Safari or any other app that implements iOS 8’s Share sheet. This app Readability can turn any Web page into a clean, customizable view for reading now or later. You can simply catch up on missed or recent articles you’ve saved or discover, by following other readers.

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iPhone 6 is Massive in China With Pre-Orders Alone

iPhone-6 and 6-Plus

The pre-orders have began in China on Friday, and the first preliminary numbers are in. And that is correct, Chinese carriers have taken over 1 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders, which all happened in 6 hours. Within those six hours, courtesy of Tencent news,  1 million orders had been taken by the three biggest carriers, which are China Mobile CHL, China Telecom CHA, and China Unicom CHU.

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Here’s Why Apple is The World’s Most Valuable Brand

apple-logo-png-transparent To be included on this list which is Interbrand’s ‘Best Global Brands’, a brand must truly be global, being successful in ascending beyond geographic and across cultural boundaries. This brand will have to expanded across the any established economic centers of the world. Well, for the second year in a row, Apple has done all and above, and tops Interbrand’s Best Global Brands ranking, which is an annual report that analyzes and puts Intel together, so that the brand value of the largest corporations in the world can be compared to others.

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AutoDesk’s SketchBook Targets iPhone 6 Users

Sketchbook app

Autodesk brings iPhone users SketchBook. This app comes with a professional-grade painting and drawing application, which is designed for all sorts of iOS devices. Still keeping their same paint system or engine as their powerful desktop counterparts, SketchBook brings to us a variety of virtual utensils, which consists of: fluid pencils, markers and sophisticated brushes, done in a simple and easy-to-use interface. This app allows for you to capture everything from your smallest drawings, to one of your brightest piece of work, all in one place.

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Could Apple, GT Advanced Fall Out Over iPhone 6 Display?


iPhone 6 sapphire glass 2

GT Advanced had made their surprise announcement, which was on Monday, that they would be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and the company has had their very first hearing in court which was on October 9th. Some people had expected the proceeding to offer a better explanation as to of what had happened? But GT was given or granted a privacy motion which had them concealed, or better put, that their hearing was closed and all documents sealed.

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Here’s The Best Way to Use PDFs on iPhone 6

PDF Expert 5


PDF Expert 5.2 features an all new Zoom Writing and it is iOS 8 exclusives. PDF Expert 5 is a great PDF annotation and editing app. If you have expected what it does, well you are pretty much right, anything dealing with PDF functions can be done easily straight from your iPhone 6. The new Zoom Writing feature allows you to write with precision and make clear notes, with already existing PDFs, or create all new ones simply from this easy to use app.

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