Apple Reportedly Having Trouble With Fingerprint Sensor In iPhone 8

Apple is currently facing an issue with its optical fingerprint sensing functionality for the rumored iPhone 8 that is supposed to launch later this year. The sensor that is supposed to go under the iPhone’s screen will allow for Apple to remove the physical home button and create a larger display, however, it seems this issue could lead to the company changing its plans for the highly anticipated device.

Apple Will Replace The iPad 4 With Another iPad Model In Low Stock Conditions

On Saturday, it was reported that Apple was officially replacing the iPad 4 with the iPad Air 2 if the device was out of stock. According to a memo obtained by 9To5Mac, Apple was running out of the iPad 4 meaning if users needed a repair done on their device they would have to upgrade to the iPad Air 2. However, a new report has surfaced stating that this is not a universal policy.