Beware iPhone 6, iWatch E-mail Scam


iPhone 6 scam

If you’ve been one of the millions of people who can’t wait to get your hands on the iPhone 6, you’re probably going to want to avoid a certain e-mail scam circulating throughout the internet.

PC Advisor is reporting that a scam e-mail has been circulating, trying to convince people to “check out” the new iPhone 6 and iWatch, even though both devices have not been released since neither device has been officially announced.

As noted in the PC Advisor article…

“The email focusses on the iPhone 6 which is one the most anticipated smartphones of the year, but importantly hasn’t been announced by Apple. The firm isn’t expected to reveal the new smartphone until September.”

The e-mail may look terribly convincing to most people, but keep in mind that until Apple officially announces the iPhone 6 and/or the iWatch, any e-mail claiming to provide additional information on either device is clearly fake.