iPhone is Now a Pokedex


This story seems silly at first but just follow it for a second: So there was a recent article released detailing how the iPhone can be used as a legitimate Pokedex due to some updates to popular search algorithms. Why is this important? Because you can literally use your iPhone as a Pokedex.

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Couple Sells Child For iPhone

iPhone 5S

A Chinese couple has gone and done what a lot of parents of troubled kids have been thinking about: selling a kid for a bit of extra coin. Well, one couple went and did it and they did so in order to procure an iPhone.

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iPhone 5S Supplies Are Scarce

Gold iPhone 5S

No one wants the iPhone 5C and because of this the supply is always amply available. In fact, people hate the iPhone 5C so much that Apple has had to cut back on production of the maligned handset. On the flipside, the iPhone 5S is very popular and lucrative and has a hard time staying on store shelves.
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