OUTFIT MATRIX Case Arrives For iPhone 6

Elago iPhone 6 case S6 Outfit Matrix

Protect your iPhone 6 with this all new stylish case by Elago. The S6 Outfit Matrix case is a unique blend of hard Poly-carbonate and solid aluminum which not only protects your iPhone, but makes a fashion statement. With the various color combinations available, you can mix and match your iPhone with your wardrobe, personality, or with anything. Read more

Lunatik Reveals Their New FLAK case For The iPhone 6

Lunatik FLAK case

Lunatik made a name for themselves with tough materials like their Taktik cases. But for a lot of people, those cases are too bulky, so they revised some of their tech and now added several new slimmer cases to their new line of iPhone 6 cases. Now sporting cases like the ‘suspension frame’, and their new ‘FLAK’ case — it uses the same Impact Truss system of the Taktik. The back of the FLAK case is a durable solid cover made to protect the iPhone 6.

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Numerical: Calculator Without Equal Arrives Free For iOS Devices

Numerical Calculator Without Equal 2

Andrew J Clark brings us Numerical; this is the calculator without equal. Whether you’re doing simple math, advanced brackets or need a running history, Numerical has the answer. Now with 9 differently made themes to scroll through, Universal iPad support, and automatic brackets, Numerical is better than ever, and bringing exactly what you need. Best of all it’s FREE.

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Box Updates With New Features For iPhone 6

Box app

Featured by Apple in their ‘Best New Apps’ and ‘Best New Business Apps’ comes Box. This app is one of the best choices for viewing, editing and sharing your files securely in the cloud. And now featuring new ‘Box Notes’ for iPhone and iPad helps you get work done on the go. It’s fast, secure and simple to use, so you can be productive from anywhere.

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Protect Your iPhone 6 With SwitchEasy’s New AirMask


SwitchEasy is always at the forefront of manufacturing different types of tech and designs, like the AirMask. This new installment is not a wrap nor a case; since it doesn’t require time to install or add additional bulk. AirMask offers a very unique 360º protection on all areas which needs to be covered, including the screen. Installation is absolutely fool proof and it only takes a few seconds to apply. Read more