iPad Pro To Bring Better Features & More

iPad Air Plus 1

A new report claims that the iPad Pro and iPad mini will arrive with the new iPhones, Apple TV, Apple Watch bands, and the gold anodized version of the Apple Watch Sport on September 9th. Although the two new iPad will be available during October, a new report from a highly accurate reporter notes that it will be unveiled during Wednesday’s media event.
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New Reports Note Gaming Will Help Apple TV

ATV3-9028 2

A new report notes Apple will center their attention toward the gaming aspects of the new Apple TV when they announce it to the public during the media event. However, this isn’t the only report that notes Apple to focus on the set-top streamer to revolve around the capabilities to control the living room for gaming, many analyst think the same about the new TV.
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Is iOS 9 Update A Glitch Or A Reminder?

ios 9 5

I know a lot of developers and iPhone users are very excited about the latest version of iOS, which would be iOS 9. With that said, a new reminder arrives for the firmware but not in the form that most people would expect it to be in, the latest notice is said to be a bug to some, while others think it’s a reminder for devs to upgrade, according to different social media sites.
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The Top Three Best Apps For Your iPhone 6

Apple App Store

Are you the type of person that loves testing and trying out new apps on your phone, but then download it, get frustrated and then delete it from disappointment? Well trust me, I know all about that, I think we’ve all experienced it at some point in time, but it doesn’t mean we should completely give up from downloading new apps. There’s still plenty helpful as well fun apps out there, still waiting for us to try. So why not try them? Read more