Here’s How to Make iOS 8 Easier to Use


Fleksy Happy Typing is now available for iOS 8, and also allows for some new things, and features with its very own unique virtual typing keyboards. And now Fleksy is claiming to  one of  the fastest virtual keyboards in the world. One of the first third party keyboards for iOS 8, Fleksy brings new kinds of typing speeds, customization, and new features to iPhone, and iPad typing. Read more

iOS 8 is Now Available

iPhone 6 iOS 8


Apple has released iOS 8, the latest  and so called greatest version of their mobile, or iPhone-Operating-System. which is now open to the public on Wednesday. After months of testing by developers, it is now here, and if you have bought your iOS device, like in the last two to three years, then it is probably compatible with iOS 8. Devices compatible with iOS 8 are listede in the following: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and of course the iPhone 6 Plus, and the iPad 2, iPad 3 generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad mini with Retina display, and for the iPod touch 5th generation.

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Huge iOS 8 JailBreaking News

jailbreak iOS 8

PanguTeam has confirmed that they are working on a Jailbreak for iOS 8. PanguTeam says (courtesy of their site, which was from Weibo via iDB) “[translated] Just one day before iOS 8 official release, saying  “guess that devices except iPhone 4 can’t be restored with 7.1.2 firmware. If you want to jailbreak please grab the last moment. For iOS 8, we are already on the way…”, so all those jailbreakers may have their dreams come true about iOS 8. Read more

Apple Updates iMovie For iOS 8


iMovie has received some special treatment by their creators, which is Apple. Other apps have also received this kinda treatment, too. The reason for this, well, obviously it is because of the newly released iOS 8 system, so that they can all work properly on the new operating system, without having any type of issues, as well as just getting updated to meet the new times.

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Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone 6


While Retina displays have been in existence for over, or close to, four years now, and back since they have made their first appearance in the iPhone 4, Apple’s new Retina HD display seems to improve upon the old mixture. The larger displays also help users to view things better, as Display Zoom, an option for increasing content size across the device, will be a feature of choice, which is up to, or for customers with difficulty viewing smaller text and images.

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Apple Still Battles VirnetX In Patent Infringement


VirnetX Holding Corporation has a pretty big portfolio of patents, which is related to wireless networking, and LTE technology, and as you would expect, their not anywhere near afraid to use it. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit tossed out a verdict today, which was handed down by a Texas jury, which was way back in late 2012, which would have forced Apple to pay $368 million to patent holding firm VirnetX, due to Apple infringing on some of their patents. Read more

iOS 8 Runs Into Major Problem

iOS-8 out

There has been some reports and some problems that some people are noticing, which is probably that if you are running a beta version of iOS 8 the extensions for many iOS 8 apps will not, or aren’t working properly. Sadly, this issue seems to be related to code-signing, which is on Apple’s side of the spectrum, and said to be currently under work, and is being fixed.

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