Here’s A Look Inside Apple Japan’s 2015 ‘Lucky Bag’ Event

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Apple started off their 2015 annual ‘Lucky Bag’ promotion in Japan on Thursday. Which gives customers some big discounts on Apple products and accessories. A ‘Lucky Bag’ is a Japanese New Year tradition, also known as a ‘Fukubukuro’, which offers a bag for a set price, which is filled with unknown or random items, which might even contain Apple’s new iPhone 6. Read more

iPhone’s Apple Pay Can Pay For Parking Tickets?

Apple Pay iPhone 6

New York City is considering drivers to pay for their parking tickets using their iPhones. While the city is said to be searching for a new way, or looking to update their old system with something a little more user-friendly, the city is said to be currently considering several options, like Apple Pay, which MarketWatch reports. Read more

GT Advanced Seeks Approval For Executive Bonuses For Bankruptcy

GT Advanced Tech Logo

A report on Monday by the The Wall Street Journal, points out deep detail about GT Advanced and how they filed a motion requesting permission to follow through with their ‘Key Employee Incentive Plan’ for certain insiders (KEIP), and ‘Key Employee retention Plan’ for non-insiders (KERP). Both of which are performance-driven initiatives designed to motivate top executives.

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