iPhone 6: Everything You Need To Know

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All the specs and information you need on Apple’s new iPhone 6, can be viewed all right here. From the screen, and the operating system to the handling on the phone, will all be covered in much detail. And with Apple finally introducing their latest device in the iPhone line; which is the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus. The new, larger smartphones have a completely refined design, that was made to be convenient  Read more

iPhone 6 Uses New H.265 Codec For Face-Time

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Apple’s new iPhone 6, and 6 Plus have in the past drawn a lot of attention for their new form factors, and sporty Retina HD displays, the handsets now shows-off a substantial under-the-hood new advancement, which now includes new support for the highly convenient, and efficient H.265 video codec. Read more

iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Are All Sold-Out?

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Pre-orders for the new line of series of the new iPhone 6 came out this Friday afternoon. Eager fans and customers were attempting to pre-order the new line of phones on Apple’s online store, but had problems accessing the website, and some have even reported that the new iPhone 6 Plus has already been sold out. Apple has about roughly a three to four-week wait for the new and bigger iPhone 6 Plus. The smaller iPhone 6, will be ready to ship within or around 10 days. Read more

Here’s How to Make The iPhone 6 Even Cooler


Incipio makes several different types of lightweight cases, which features high density Plextonium and polycarbonates, with shock absorbing EVA interiors. Their cases were made to snap onto the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, while using a very thin casing, as to not take away from the overall look, design, and feeling of the new device. Incipio makes complex yet simple, diverse yet convenient cases for the minimalists. These new cases for the new iPhone series comes with many useful aspects, unique factors, and beautiful colors, which are available in clear, pink, black, turquoise, red, navy, gray, light blue, and many other different types of colors. Read more

Accessories For iPhone 6 Halted?

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The iPhone 6 accessories and buyable parts for the phone have said to be on halt or delay. This means that there could be a shortage when fans or buyers go out to get one, or order some for the iPhone 6, there could be none available at the time, due to a delay, which would cause a shortage at stores.  Read more

Apple Hires Tech Executives For Apple Pay Loyalty Program

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 Apple has ‘Apple Pay’ coming soon, which is after the introduction of its mobile payment system, Apple is hiring several high-profile tech executives, and other types of tech workers, which are from other companies like Google, PayPal, and American Express. The new recruits which are to help Apple are not only to help expand Apple Pay, which is the newly-announced method of paying for transactions, both online and in retail stores, but to help develop a loyalty system for Apple Pay. Read more

iPhone 6 Surpasses iPhone 5 in Pre-Orders On Launch-Date?


Apple, despite its late start, saw record pre-orders last night alone, issuing a statement saying, “Response to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been incredible with a record number of pre-orders overnight.” Although Apple did not specify exactly how many units were sold, we can assume it surpassed the iPhone 5 sales of 2 million in 24 hours when Apple last had pre-orders two years ago. Read more

iPhone 6 Pre-Order Pickup Will be Huge


It looks like Apple will be giving customers who have pre-ordered their package of the iPhone 6, and 6 Plus, an option to pick up their devices in-store, rather than having to wait for them to be shipped to their houses. The retail iPhone page on Apple’s website accepts, or invites users to pre-order the new handset, and choose to “have it shipped to you for free, or pick it up in store.” Read more