This iOS 8 Bug is Deleting iCloud Drive Files

iOS-8 out

This problem, or I should say ‘issue’ here, is when you have pressed the ‘Delete All Settings’ option, or have it selected, users are specifically told that “no data or media will be deleted.” But that does not seem to be the case with iOS 8. Courtesy to MacRumors which says, and they have confirmed the process, which is also deleting select files.

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Trident Unleashes Their Aegis iPhone 6 Case

Trident Aegis iPhone 6 case

This case delivers some tough protection and it covers pretty much every angle of your new iPhone 6, to make sure there is no lasting damage from any type of accidents. Made extra thick to deflect, and also made with shock absorbent corners to take the knocks, a hardened poly-carbonate shell provides protection. Plugs are protected with TPE, so that it can keep out all sorts of dust, and dirt out of your ports. Like many rugged options, it meets the 810F military standard for drop tests, and it also comes with a screen protector with it.

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This Case Makes The iPhone 6 Look High-Tech

Otterbox iPhone 6 case

The company Otterbox has established itself with a lot of their specially designed and made cases, which rang from a large variety. The company makes some of the smartphones best cases, and is a good go-to source for some reliable protection. One of the first to market with extremely high protective capability, and now, for the all new iPhone 6 series.

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Use This iPhone 6 App to Make Crazy Photos


Mobile technology will always keep on improving, even if it takes some time, well, so does the software which is made for mobile tech. This app comes with a list of different filters, which is to help you create your ideal pictures. Allowing you to Adjust the level, and exposure of filters, so that you can customize your look exactly the way you want it. You can also save preset filters, so that you will always have customized new ones, and even create filters from scratch on your computer and upload them to the app. This helps make use of real-time adjustments, so you will know exactly what your image will look like before you even take any type of shot.

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iOS 8 Allows For New Battery Check

iPhone battery

iOS 8, the new addition to Apple’s operating system,  now allows you to see how much your battery is being used by different types of none or ongoing apps, by simply going to the settings application. And from there you will have the ability to track battery usage, per each app you have installed on your device.
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