Viber Now Optimized For iPhone 6 And 6 Plus

Viber app

Viber which is a Messaging app, recently received an update Sunday morning. Now supporting better optimization for larger screens of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus brings even more features. This update, which brings the Viber app to version 5.2.1, also comes with new emoticons, and a few bug fixes.

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See This Amazing Art Created With iPhones, iPads

Apple's Start_Something_New store

The art displays (as seen above) are part of Apple’s new “Start Something New” campaign, which began last week, showcasing the “amazing things” that can be made with the company’s products. But in addition to the online art galleries. Apple also brought users art to retail stores, showcasing the creations and art of Apple users.
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Here’s A Look Inside Apple Japan’s 2015 ‘Lucky Bag’ Event

Japan 2015 apple-lucky-bag-card-315x236 3

Apple started off their 2015 annual ‘Lucky Bag’ promotion in Japan on Thursday. Which gives customers some big discounts on Apple products and accessories. A ‘Lucky Bag’ is a Japanese New Year tradition, also known as a ‘Fukubukuro’, which offers a bag for a set price, which is filled with unknown or random items, which might even contain Apple’s new iPhone 6.
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