New iPhone 6 Black Friday Deals Are Rolling Around Major Stores

iphone-6 side-ways

Apple announced their new iPhone 6 handset a few months back, while some buyers decided to wait for November 28th, in order to get the new device for a lower or better price in this year’s Black Friday. Stores or retailers are certainly aware of what is going on, and they know that customers are willing to grab a good deal in stores during the holiday shopping season, in order to get Apple’s latest smartphone at a good discount.

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Two New iOS 8 Keyboards Land For Free To Grab

iOS 8 Keyboards for iPhone 6 And 6 Plus

Apple’s recent iOS 8 update was one of the biggest updates to the iOS platform in years. This was initially released back in September, these updates include a tone of new features and a variety of new APIs for developers. Among some of them were third-party keyboard support, which means, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users can now get a hold of these new iOS 8 keyboards for free.

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Is The iPhone 6 Really Outselling The iPhone 6 Plus?

iPhone-6 and 6-Plus

A recent report had been done on the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus by UBS analyst Steven Milunovich. He said that the results of that study show that out of all iPhone sales, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 made up nearly 68% of them, as noted on IB Times. The iPhone 6 Plus was around or about 23-24% of the total iPhone sales. Together, he roughly estimates that the two new handsets would equal out to be around or up to 90% of total iPhone sales, this is during the first month they were available to consumers.

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OUTFIT MATRIX Case Arrives For iPhone 6

Elago iPhone 6 case S6 Outfit Matrix

Protect your iPhone 6 with this all new stylish case by Elago. The S6 Outfit Matrix case is a unique blend of hard Poly-carbonate and solid aluminum which not only protects your iPhone, but makes a fashion statement. With the various color combinations available, you can mix and match your iPhone with your wardrobe, personality, or with anything.
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Lunatik Reveals Their New FLAK case For The iPhone 6

Lunatik FLAK case

Lunatik made a name for themselves with tough materials like their Taktik cases. But for a lot of people, those cases are too bulky, so they revised some of their tech and now added several new slimmer cases to their new line of iPhone 6 cases. Now sporting cases like the ‘suspension frame’, and their new ‘FLAK’ case — it uses the same Impact Truss system of the Taktik. The back of the FLAK case is a durable solid cover made to protect the iPhone 6.

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Numerical: Calculator Without Equal Arrives Free For iOS Devices

Numerical Calculator Without Equal 2

Andrew J Clark brings us Numerical; this is the calculator without equal. Whether you’re doing simple math, advanced brackets or need a running history, Numerical has the answer. Now with 9 differently made themes to scroll through, Universal iPad support, and automatic brackets, Numerical is better than ever, and bringing exactly what you need. Best of all it’s FREE.

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