Double Robotics New 360 Camera Dolly For The iPhone

Double Robotics Dolly

Double Robotics just recently introduced the world’s first robotic camera dolly for your iPhone, which helps enhance the way you take your photos and videos, in a smooth, leveled view. The dolly comes with a universal camera mount, a silent dolly engine system and a customized traveling case, to be able to go wherever you go. Read more

How To Activate And De-Activate Split Screen Mode On Your iPhone 6-6s Plus

How To Turn ON And OFF Split Screen copy

For anybody who may not be too familiar on how to use split screen mode on their iPhone 6-6s Plus, then this guide might be for you. Using the split screen mode, users will be able to see two screens side by side, which will allow them to have a wider view of their content.

We’re going to be explaining how to activate as well as de-activate split screen view, in easy step by step instructions. Read more