Apple Adds This New Feature to iPhone’s Maps

Apple Flyover_paris

Apple on Friday added 9 new locations to their Flyover feature in Maps courtesy of MacRumors. These landmarks were added to France, Sweden, New Zealand, and a few in the United States. Flyover allows users to simply pinch to zoom in and pan around high resolution views of more than a hundred different places and landmarks. And with this new additions to Maps, users can now view a total of 101 supported locations.

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More Banks Jump On Board With Apple Pay Support

Apple Pay iPhone 6

Apple has been adding support for many additional banks in the past weeks, ever since premiering and launching Apple Pay in October with a list of initial partners. After adding support for several new banks last month, Apple recently updated their list of supported banks and different card types with the partnership of UW Credit Union, L&N Federal Credit Union, and new card types for other banks.

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