How To Add Pictures To Your Contact List

How to add pictures to contacts

Adding contacts to your iPhone and iPad is a great way to keep in touch with the ones you know in life, especially close family and friends. And adding pictures to your contact list is a great way to personalize and recognize them better, for any incoming calls, text and other notifications, while adding more of a personal touch.

So here’s seven easy steps to do that. Read more

Here’s How To Get Custom Ringtones On Your iPhone

Getting custom ringtones for iPhone

I don’t know about you, but quite a few iPhone users have complained about getting custom ringtones for their iPhone, and are quite tired of the long frustrating methods they have to go through. A lot of times what people get confused about, is that they can’t use normal MP4 files, because iPhone doesn’t look at that as being a real music file for your ringtone.

So how do you convert the MP4 file, to finally get the song you’ve always wanted for your ringer? Well here’s the steps. Read more