Apple May Receive Up To 20 years In Tax Breaks Due To Solar-Powered Data Center


Due to a new state legislature in Mesa, Arizona, Apple could receive up to 20 years worth of tax breaks. Part of the reason for the long term tax break is because of Apple’s Solar-Powered Data Center located in Arizona, they fall under the category of “Sustainable redevelopment projects”, which gives them at least 10 years worth of equipment tax breaks,  with a few other benefits helping to possibly stretch the tax breaks out to about 20 years. 

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19 New Banks Join the Apple Pay Network

Apple Pay iPhone 7 or 6S

Apple already had 71 banks backing their new Apple Pay program, now they will have a few newcomers joining the party. Apple Pay  launched late last year that would allow iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus users to pay for various products in stores straight from their phone, thanks to the iPhone’s special Near Field Communication antenna.

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Apple Shows iOS 8 Adoption Rate Grow To 73%

iOS 8 adoption rate now at 73 percent 2 17 2015 5

New statistics recently surfaced about Apple’s own data, and their adoption rate for iOS 8. In addition, the operating system (or iOS) is now at 73%, a small one percentage point up from when the company last did their update on iOS 8 adoption rate, which was two weeks ago. iOS 7 is of course behind at 24%, and 3% of devices are running a software version that is two or more years old. Read more