iOS 8.3 Beta Introduces New Wireless Support For Apple’s CarPlay

apple logo with CarPlay

Apple has announced that the upcoming release of iOS 8.3 will enable wireless CarPlay support for devices that upgrade to the new version. What does this mean for iPhone and iPod users? It means that users will no longer require iPhones to be connected using a Lightning cable to plug into your car, instead you will be able to connect straight from your device to the CarPlay system cable free, similar to how Bluetooth works for computers.

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Apple Pre-releases iOS 8.3 to Developers With ‘Noteworthy’ Swift Updates




Apple has recently given a pre-release build of iOS 8.3 beta to their development community before releasing it to the public. The new iOS 8.3 build is labeled as build 12F5027d. Apple also warned that devices that update up to iOS 8.3 beta will not be able to restore back to previous versions of iOS, which sounds like users will be locked in to the new upgrade.

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iOS 9 Reported to Focus on Stability And Performance Improvements

iOS 9

Recently reported, iOS 9 is said to sport a new standout ‘features’ which will be a direct focus on stabilizing and optimizing the OS (Operating System). While stability is normally a typical and expected component in Apple software rather than a secondary feature, the quick pace of iOS releases and feature introductions has taken a significant impact on the operating system’s overall performance, which lead to numerous complaints from committed and regular Apple customers.

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Trident Unleashes Their Krios Ridge Case For iPhone 6

Trident Krois Ridge iPhone 6 Case

The company Trident has made several trusted cases for the iPhone, like their new protective case series the ‘Krios Ridge”. This series brings a light feel without adding any heavy bulk, while offering durable protection from minor bumps, scratches and debris. Krios Ridge cases are constructed from shock-absorbing TPU to form a coated sleeve, with a unique design on each case. Read more