Jony Ive Talks iPhone 6 And More With Vanity Fair

Jony ive

Last week, Jony Ive had taken part in an interview during Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit, where he discussed a range of different topics on Apple, their devices, and about his time with Steve Jobs. The interview also touches on Ive’s view on product designs, development of the first iPhone, and more. Today, Vanity Fair has made the full 25-minute video from the interview available to view on their site.

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iOS 8.1 Update Brings Back Camera-Roll to iPhone 6

iOS 8

Back and around September 19th, you might remember that the Camera-Roll went missing. And the Apple-Support-Forums were filled with buzzing and disgruntled users, who were simply venting their frustration with iOS 8 presumably removing some of their photos, which the company’s inexplicable removal of the Camera-Roll album in iOS 8 got some fans somewhat angry. But now, the Camera-Roll has appeared again, and is now accessible for the all new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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Find Out Why Bose Headphones Won’t be Sold at Apple’s Online Store

Bose Head-Phones It has been confirmed in a reported, that Apple will no longer and will soon remove products from the company Bose and also Fitbit, which have not found room to embraced Apple’s HealthKit platform. Which is from their retail channels, as they simply prepare to introduce the Apple Watch in early 2015, although that product and other fitness tracking devices are still available currently. But as for Bose, and if you like them, well, their products are getting ready to be pulled from Apple online store.

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iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Finally Arrive in China


Apple’s newest and latest iPhone has launched weeks after an initial release in the U.S. and elsewhere. Several of Apple retail employees, dressed in blue t-shirts and jackets, simply lined up near the entrance of the store and cheered as the first customers were told and allowed into the store, which is something done typically when a new major product is released. Read more

Apple Confirms iCloud Photos Will Need iOS 8.1

iCloud DownPeople who are about to simply sign up or who are already signed up for iCloud Beta, should simply visit the same URL, as one should see what has now come of the site. Having an all new or I should say ‘brand’ new webpage, which now shows off colorful yet gradient graphics, and a all new message which simply says “To use iCloud Photos on the web, upgrade your iOS device to iOS 8.1”.

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GT Advanced To Shut Down Mesa, Arizona Plant?

GT Advanced Tech LogoI think it is safe to say that the company GT Advanced is dying of a bad disease and can’t find a proper cure. Today, it has been reported from AZ-Central that GT Advanced is seeking to shut down their building in Mesa, Arizona and they are giving their employees a heads-up, and had informed them that their will be a 727 person lay off (or in other words ‘fired’). This lay off is said to take place on December 15th.

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