Report Says iPhone 6s Could Debut Sept. 18

1 iPhone6-iPhone-Plus-Mockups

We might have found the actual release date for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Due to certain rumors and carriers getting ready to adopt the new iPhone, we find that it all centers around September 18th. Moreover, the report we did yesterday on a new Apple store in Belgium that will open on September 19th could indicate that it’s somewhere around September 17th-18th.
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New Video Shows How To Use Force Touch

6s iPhone 1 Learning something before you obtain that specific item, or device can be very useful. For instance, learning how to use all the new features in iOS 9 would be great, especially if we could learn them all right now. In addition, a new video shows how to use the new iPhone 6s’ Force Touch feature, which sports a few different things from the Apple Watch and Mac trackpad.   Read more

Apple Pay Might Not Arrive In Australia


CEO Ian Narev of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, recently noted that Apple will find it difficult to advertise and market to Australian banks on innovation by itself, since the country already offers touchless payment tech through a large variety of their financial institutions, which has been out for sometime now, this is according to Sydney Morning Herald.
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