How To Distiguish Apple Watch Status Icons On The Screen

Apple-Watch-prijs 2

Although Apple’s new wearable (Apple Watch) doesn’t feature a regular status bar indications like the iPhone or the iPad, from time to time you will notice a status indicator icon at the top of the screen.

Apple Watch contains a variety of status indicator icons, and they all mean different things. And now, Watch users will be able to know the difference between status icons that you may encounter during your usage of Apple’s new wearable. Read more

Apple’s New Wearable Endures New Sever Test

AW stress test cNet

Many folks who have received their new Apple Watch are probably holding on to it with much care, CNET however, took it upon themselves to see what will ruin the wearable, so you don’t have to.

We’re taken through several everyday scenarios of how the Apple Watch could get ruined in the kitchen. It actually holds up better than one would think. Read more