Solving This Major iPhone 6 Plus Issue Is Easy

iPhone 6 and other iOS devicesA lot of smartphone users are curious about very basic functions of some of the newest phones on the market. For instance, will a certain unlocked phone work with a certain carrier? Or what kind of signal and service are provided for unlocked phones compared to ones that are locked in with a carrier? Well, one iPhone 6 owner was curious about using an iPhone 6 Plus that was locked with Verizon and they wanted to know if they could use a previously locked phone with another network provider. Read more

American Express Brings More To Apple Pay


One of Apple Pay early backers, American Express, recently announced that they’re adding Apple Pay compatibility for corporate credit cards that are issued in the U.S. The system allows folks who have an iPhone 6, 6 Plus or an Apple Watch to pay for services online and for groceries at contactless merchant stores with Apple’s payment service, with their corporate credit card on file.
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