GT Advanced To File Bankruptcy?

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GT Advanced Technologies Inc. or Nasdaq:GTAT, has announced on October 6th, that they had, together with a certain number of their direct and indirect subsidiaries, commenced voluntary cases of bankruptcy, which was under chapter 11 of a bankruptcy code in the United States bankruptcy court, for the district of New Hampshire. Filing for Chapter 11 means the company will be able to continue their normal operations and work, only until they can resolve their issues with creditors.  Read more

iPhone 6 Owners Can Rival Blackberry Devices With This App


This new swipe-based keyboard is called TouchPal, and it is made so that you can drag your finger across the screen to create words with much ease. This technology can work smoothly. And this keyboard also features an auto-correct, which can pretty much correct your word errors, while also sporting the predictive typing, so that typing can be much quicker.

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iPhone 6’s Style Gets Elevated By MarBlue

MarBlue iPhone 6 case

This new case for the iPhone 6 is a combination of malleable TPU, and tough poly-carbonate design, which makes this case a durable and yet protective case, with a stylish pattern design. The protective case ensures that the screen is protected if the iPhone 6 is placed face down, and it even comes with button covers too. The rubber details in the design also adds to the grip, while coming in a combination of colors that you can pick up. MarBlue is also coming out with a range of accessories planned to compliment the Elite case, and extend your options.

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iStick USB Connector Fixes iPhone’s Lightning Problem


This new iStick is much like any other standard USB drive, but now, this new device has a small switch that allows you to choose either the USB connector that will connect to your computer or the integrated Lightning connector which simply connects to your iPhone or iPad device. The overall design or build is made to be of quality, which is made of an all-plastic design, and you don’t need to have any fears of the switch breaking, even after using it regularly for the last month or so, the build was made to handle much use.

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Photo Editing App Upgrades to iOS 8

Manual App 2

Throughout the time you may spend putting Manual through different trails and tests, you might noticed that you are continually spending a considerably long amounts of time setting up your shots, not to be a bad thing, but means that you will have a list of options to choose from. This app with its large variety of photo editing options can be good for those who like to take shots at any moment, or for those who like to set their shots up. You can also pull out Manual for well-planned photos of objects that won’t change before the perfect shot can be taken. This app will most definitely help to make a lot of pictures or intentional photos stand out more.

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4 Million iPhone 6 Units Are Reserved in China


These number of reserved iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are not included in the official iPhone 6 pre-orders, but the new handset in China hasn’t started yet. Apple announced on September 29th that they have picked up the necessary approvals to sell their two new smartphones in China, and told customers that pre-orders would begin on Tuesday, October 14th.

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Hulu+ Makes The iPhone 6 Even Better


For anybody or for those that are unfamiliar with Hulu Plus, well, it is a subscription-based streaming video service, which offers users on-demand access to a huge library of movies, TV shows and additional content. This app is available on a number of platforms, which includes both iPhones and iPads and Apple TV. This app has also received an updated to support iOS 8, and to run smoothly on the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

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iPhone 6 Plus Sales Are Exceeding Initial Expectations

iPhone 6 iOS 8

It seems as if, Foxconn has been assigned with a job with taking care or handling the bulk of production for the iPhone 6 Plus, and Pegatron has the iPhone 6. Digitimes [via Mac Rumors] sums up that part shipments to both suppliers were similar in early September, but have fell into Foxconn’s favor as of lately. Though, Digitimes doesn’t have the most reliable track record in Apple intel or info.

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