Apple Stops Selling iPhones On 2-Year AT&T Contract, Moves To ‘Next’ Plans

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Reported earlier this week, Apple has officially stopped selling new iPhones to customers on a two-year contract with AT&T as of Friday. First noted by MacRumors, subsidized $199/$299 prices for new iPhones on a two-year AT&T contract have been removed overnight and replaced with the carrier’s financing program called AT&T Next. Read more

Dow Jones To Replace AT&T With Apple March 18th

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Apple is said to replace AT&T in the Dow Jones Industrial Average after the close of trading on March 18th, which was reported Friday morning. The famed Dow Jones Industrial Average is indicative of the overall market life and health so Apple joining and replacing the nation’s second-largest carrier on the index is said to be encouraging signs for the economy. Read more

AT&T’s ‘Next’ Program: Don’t Even Bother

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As many of you know, T-mobile recently introduced its new ‘Jump’ upgrade program. In a nutshell, it allows you to upgrade sooner, and simply asks for an additional $10 a month payment toward the program (plus the additional charge you already pay toward financing your shiny new smartphone.)

Not to be undone by T-Mobile, Yesterday, AT&T released its own iteration of that aforementioned program calling it ‘Next.’

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