Scoring Touchdowns From Your Couch

The world of mobile phone apps and football have collided. Football Connect is a free application that can be downloaded to your smartphone and allows integration of all live NFL game scores and highlights. It’s a fun social football game you can play with your friends! This app takes fantasy football to a whole other level with a fun, social twist that also includes player stats and real time game cast.

For all the die-hard football fans out there, this application helps you support your team while playing against fellow fans and rivals. With the ability to play football with your pals on your smartphone, there’s no reason to leave your couch this football season.

Each player gets a unique Football Connect game board made up of Pro Football players and gaming events. The game allows you to earn tokens as each live event happens in the match, and you can even trash-talk one another throughout the match with built-in chat features. Power-ups increase your chance of winning, and you can use “weapons” to mess with your opponent’s gameplay.

When putting your head into the game, you want to think of strategies for winning. The most strategic team on Football Connect is the Atlanta Falcons, who have the most successful swaps that result in ‘connects’ with 35%. While Falcon fans are using strategy, New York Jets fans are getting by on smack talk. Accounting for 25% of all chat on Football Connect, the Jets fans don’t miss an opportunity to trash talk their opponents.

Using your hands in a football game is most important, so which team in this fantasy game is the most hands on? The Chicago Bears are the most engaged with 60% of Bears fans swapping and chatting during their live games. Although the Bears might be more hands on, the heart of the game belongs to the Denver Broncos. Broncos fans log in the longest, accounting for 12 minute average sessions per game.

The most loyal fans in the game of online football are the New England Patriots. Being the most loyal means 55% of fans play the Pats week over week. Out of these players, 20% of all the female Football Connect players root for the Pats.

And, what’s a football game without a little money involved? The Pittsburgh Steelers fans spend the most, purchasing 15% of all tokens. It is safe to say that Julian Roland is the number one fan, winning almost 50,000 tokens. So, what about you? Think you know the game well enough? Get involved today! You’re sure to score a touchdown with Football Connect.

The Perfect Football Fan [Infographic]

courtesy of OneUp Games

Curiosity Update Incoming For iOS

Peter Molyneux and 22Cans’ highly popular iOS title, Curiosity, is being prepped for an update. Peter Molyneux has confirmed that version two is in the works.

According to VG 24/7, Molyneux stated that…

“There’s a couple of tech things, and one of those tech things is slightly sensitive to talk about, given what happened with Curiosity. One of those tech things is if we take multiplayer – how does that actually work? – and you can see that stuff in Curiosity.

“We’re working on version two now, I’ve been looking at it today. Now you really can see other people’s patterns as they happen. There’s not a delay. If someone taps, you see it immediately.”

The game got off to a good enough start, with enough people checking out the app to cause the servers to become overloaded. No time frame was given on when the update will arrive.