iOS 8 Adoption Rate Reaches 87 Percent

iOS 8

Many iOS 8 watchers know that the firmware had a rough beginning, and seen the operating system struggle further down the line. Well, it struggled up by 1% in four weeks time, which is a shame compared to iOS 7’s adoption rate. Many contribute the latter end of iOS 8’s growth to the new iOS 9, which will be unveiled at September’s media event.
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iOS 8 Adoption Slows Down Due To iOS 9

ios 8 vs ios 9 2

We always keep track of Apple’s iOS adoption rate, whether its growth is by 1% or by a huge leap we always check in the distribution portal so that we can inform our readers about what is progressing and what is not. However, many attribute iOS 8’s slow adoption rate to the upcoming iOS 9, which will bring a load of new features.
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Apple’s iPhone Killswitch Doesn’t Stop Thieves

iPhone Thief

There’s a new report out about detailing the high crime rate involving Apple products being lifted in and around the San Francisco area. It’s a common crime that happens all over, but iPhone products are especially affluent in that area. Nevertheless, even with the Find My Phone killswitch enabled in iOS 7 smart devices, it still hasn’t curbed iPhone robberies. Read more