iOS 9 Brings A Significantly Big Keyboard Refinements

iOS 9 keyboardDuring Apple’s WWDC presentation on Monday, the company introduced several new enhancements for their keyboard in iOS on iPhone and iPad. These changes include a redesigned shift key for distinguishing capital letters, lowercase, and caps lock.

Additionally, key lettering now switches between upper and lowercase depending on which variation of a letter will be typed. Read more

Medious Releases Their New App ‘Vee For Video’

Vee For videos-screen 1  Vee for Videos brings together shooting and editing, making it easy to capture and share life’s moments. Finally shooting video doesn’t mean a cluttered camera roll and a weekend lost to editing. You add clips to your video and work with them using simple, intuitive controls.

You can work on multiple videos at once, and save to your camera roll or share it with the world when you’re ready. you can choose focus and exposure points simply by touching the screen. Split your focus and exposure by using a second finger to get just the right shot. Read more