WatchOS 2 Lets You Send Messages Hands Free

WatchOS 2 2

A new feature landed in watchOS 2 and allows users to send messages hands free. The new feature only applies to messages you create from the Home or Watchface screen using Siri. But, it doesn’t work for replies to messages you receive, and doesn’t work if you go directly to the Messages app and tap Reply. However, it does add the ability to send messages without having to touch or type on the device.
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New Apple TV Gaming Controller Arrives

atv controler steelseries

In a segment of Apple’s website catered towards the newest Apple TV gaming aspects, the company revealed that SteelSeries third-party controllers are in fact compatible with the new Apple TV. The iOS-compatible Bluetooth gaming controller can be used on the new TV if developers specifically include support, in the same way that compatibility is currently optional on iPhones and iPads.

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