Apple’s iPhone Killswitch Doesn’t Stop Thieves

iPhone Thief

There’s a new report out about detailing the high crime rate involving Apple products being lifted in and around the San Francisco area. It’s a common crime that happens all over, but iPhone products are especially affluent in that area. Nevertheless, even with the Find My Phone killswitch enabled in iOS 7 smart devices, it still hasn’t curbed iPhone robberies.
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App Helps Police Find Stolen iPhone

Police have really been on a roll lately with recovering missing iPhones…too bad they weren’t this diligent trying to find Jimmy Hoffa. Anyway, the latest missing iPhone case has been solved thanks to a small app called Find My Phone, which conveniently helped police find the missing iPhone.
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Man Shot Five Times For iPhone

We all know that Apple’s mobile handset is one of the most popular electronics on the planet right now. Carrying an iPhone can net you some serious trouble, and that’s exactly what happened to Anthony Kuber, who was shot five times for his iPhone.
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